Who we are and what we can do for you

Knowledge of history is one of the bases of human civilization. The base for knowledge of the past is research.

Just by knowledge of the structures it´s often possible to gain the individual relevant informations. The localization of the source of information is our strength.

But simply collecting and gaining informations and the analysis of them must not be the end of our task. We also help you to transform the gained conclusions and make it useful for your ventures and targets.

Long terms of waiting and high costs (the German state institutions and archives often take about 60 to 70 Euros for an hour of private research in their magazines and archives and this does not depend on if they find something useful or not.) for the use of German archive materials, will be reduced to a sensible minimum by laying the task in our hands.

Our employees and free lance workers search by themselves and directly inside the relevant archives, therefore we are able to deliver to the results within a few days, what keeps the prices very low.

Research instructions given to state archives often take weeks, even month, until you hold a result in your hands. Time you don’t have.

If it is obviously, that the research won’t bring any useful results, we will tell you that very early.

Discretion is the basic philosophy for our company. We do not publish successes of our research, not on this pages and not anywhere else.

The informer and his sources will not be handeled confidential on demand, but on princible, as well as the demand of our client.

We work together with a network of specialists of the most different occupational groups and institutions, including historicans, political scientists and consultants, journalists, a psychologist and a physican and also different employers of state institutions.

Working on history and tradition needs absolute sensibility and competence. We promise you both.