Our services


For your projects, we search worldwide in archives, institutes, libraries, companies and at the archives of private persons after documents like files, letters, pictures or film material. We ensure you a fast and overall view over the extent and the kind of the material and obtain the documents, you need to realize your projects. Our research includes for example internet research, institutional research, library and museum research as well as the search for antiquarian books and newspapers.
A local research will only take place after informing the client and when informations can only be obtained by any other method.
All research results will be exactly documented and evaluated.

History Consulting:

Our specialist fields on this matter are the Third Reich, World War II, the persecution of the Jews and dissidents, military techniques, tactics and strategies.
The field of company history can be handeled by us extensive and comprehensive. We present the history and tradition of your company and work out exhibition concepts. For a historical exhibition of your company or firm, there could be many occasions.

Political Consulting:

We show you connections and establish contacts that will help you to fulfill your requests and targets.

Archive Services:

Therefore we create concepts and are willing to fulfill them by ourselves. In other cases, we mediate, with the help of our cooperation partners, correct services for the establishment abd management of archives.

Educational Informations:

Simply asked: Where can I learn what? Where can I get and learn things and knowledge that are useful for my further tasks?  We find out relevant institutions and educational offices and make literature lists.

Family History:  

We discover, document and record your family history.

Personal Search:

We search for and after persons worldwide. This includes especially the search for inheritances.

Further Competences:

Research for marketing data, research for copyright data, translation service for old German handwritings.